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Work Out this Summer

Two East Congress, Tucson, AZ   Find your inner strength and motivation with some of our tips and suggestions for getting back into exercising!

With the hot summer weather here in Tucson, AZ, you may not want to spend too much time outside exercising, but the summer is still a good time to get back into the habit of exercising for your personal health and well being. In this week’s Two East Congress blog, we’ve got some suggestions on how to transition back into working out!


Proper Attire

The way you dress has a significant effect on your attitude toward working out. If you’re getting back into exercising, consider investing in some new clothes that look good and that you feel good in, since liking the way you look in workout clothes can motivate you to keep working out. Because Tucson is known for being hot, wear clothes that are light, breathable, and wick sweat away from your body!



Whether you’re in warm weather or not, you’re going to need to remember to hydrate. During exercise, your body is exerting energy and increasing in temperature. When your internal body temperature gets too high, your body regulates it by sweating, which uses your body’s water to cool you down. Hydrating keep your body from shutting down and cools you off, making it easier to continue working out. Prevent injury and fatigue by drinking enough water!  



When you’re exercising, it’s important to be consistent in the gym to get the best results possible, but you don’t want to overdo it. More than consistency, your body needs rest. Resting helps your body to recover from the strain that it’s been through from your workout and helps you prevent injury! Give your muscles enough time to repair themselves before you head back to the gym! Your body will thank you.


Don’t Forget Leg Day

There are more muscle groups than biceps, back, and shoulders. Though the vanity muscles are the ones that people see the most often, don’t neglect the other muscle groups in your body. This helps you to be stronger overall, and you won’t end up with skinny legs and a muscular torso.


We hope you take advantage of our fitness center this summer to get in your regular workouts. We love providing convenient amenities to members of our apartment community! Thanks for reading our post today.